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Please download and reference the following family trees to assist in your genealogy research. If you are applying for the Descendants Registry, you are only required to provide documentation to a family member listed on one of these trees.

The family trees listed below are not complete. For privacy purposes we do not include the names of those individuals who are currently living. Please contact Shelby Rowan ( or the Star of the Republic Museum Collections Manager (936)878-2461 for any additions, corrections, or research assistance. 


Jesse B. Badgett
George Washington Barnett
Thomas Barnett
Stephen W. Blount
John W. Bower
Asa Brigham
Andrew Briscoe
John Wheeler Bunton
John S. D. Byrom
Matthew Caldwell
Samuel Price Carson
George C. Childress
William Clark, Jr.
Robert M. Coleman
• James Collinsworth
• Edward Conrad
William Carroll Crawford
Lorenzo de Zavala
Richard Ellis
Stephen H. Everett
John Fisher
Samuel Rhoads Fisher
Robert Thomas ‘James’ Gaines
Thomas J. Gazley
Benjamin Briggs Goodrich
Jesse Grimes
• Robert Hamilton
Bailey Hardeman
Augustine B. Hardin
Sam Houston
Herbert Simms Kimble, Secretary
William D. Lacy
Albert Hamilton Latimer
Edwin O. Legrand
Collin McKinney
Samuel A. Maverick
Michel B. Menard
William Menefee
• John W. Moore
• William Motley
José Antonio Navarro
Martin Parmer
• Sydney O. Pennington
Robert Potter
James Power
John S. Roberts
Sterling C. Robertson
José Francisco Ruiz
Thomas Jefferson Rusk
William. B. Scates
George W. Smyth
Elijah Stapp
Charles B. Stewart
James G. Swisher
Charles S. Taylor
• David Thomas
Edwin Waller
Claiborne West
James B. Woods