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Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site is where the work and sacrifice of Texas’ founders is given life and meaning. It was here, in a crucible of Texas democracy, Texans gave voice to their grievances, forged their Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and brought forth a new nation: the Republic of Texas.

Though the town of 1836 Washington no longer exists, our staff has been hard at work developing this app to give you a taste of life on the frontier at the forefront of a nation. The app is available for use on your iPhone, iPad, and newer Android phones. Not only does it recreate the town in its heyday, but also makes it possible for you to interact with some of its citizens. May I offer you a pen, President Jones?

This interactive app reveals the historic site of Washington as it looked in 1836: a rugged frontier town of log cabins and dogtrot houses. Witness an influx of people from throughout the region who have come to create a new nation and explore a full-scale virtual town overlaid on the historic site. Virtually walk around this historic site, meet the people, and explore the buildings as they were in 1836.

Rediscover Washington on the Brazos with this magic window into history. Walk around the historic site and see people and places from the days of the revolution. Toggle between the full virtual world and the reality view, superimposing buildings and people against the modern environment.

Interactive Phone App

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) mandates that students study the causes and effects of the Texas Revolution, but there is more to the story than the battles at the Alamo and San Jacinto. It was the Convention of 1836 at Washington on the Brazos that gave voice to Texas’ grievances and provided the political will in the midst of revolutionary turmoil to form a government and a new nation – the Republic of Texas.

Through the use of web-based technology, the “Texas Independence” interactive website brings the struggle, compromise, and sacrifice of the Convention of 1836–and the men who founded that new nation–to a new generation and brings Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site into every classroom in Texas.

Digital interactives, learning games and primary source documents designed especially to meet Texas teaching requirements for 4th and 7th grade teachers and their students provide a fun and stimulating avenue for understanding the impact of the Texas Revolution.

This project brings together primary resources, content, interactive educational games, and curriculum guides, focused exclusively on the Convention of 1836.

Texas Independence Interactive Website

Produced by Star of the Republic Museum, Blinn College, Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site and Texas Parks and Wildlife. App development by Eduweb, Inc.

This project was funded by a grant from the Texas Pioneer Foundation, with support from the Washington on the Brazos State Park Association.

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