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Welcome to the new Washington on the Brazos State Historical Foundation website.

As a strong, proud native Texan, I have always loved to boast “I am from Texas!”  However, it was only after I moved to Washington County that I was “bitten” by the history bug and a burning desire to better understand the history of Texas. I found Washington on the Brazos to be the place to better understand how, against all odds, Texas became its own nation.  Not a town or a state, but a nation that flourished for ten years before joining the United States of America. I gained a greater respect for the sacrifices of those who first settled this great state and a greater understanding of WHY Texans are so fiercely independent.  Every man who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence knew that if he was captured by Santa Anna, he would face execution for treason. But, their will for independence far exceeded their fears. It’s that “Texas” thing again.

I am passionate about our responsibility to preserve the history of those hardy individuals that worked this land almost 200 years ago, for future generations, so they understand why it is special to be a Texan.  It is our gift to them that they never lose that fierce independence spirit, and there is no better place to learn those life lessons than Washington on the Brazos. At this historic place, you do not just hear the story, you live the story through costumed interpreters and hands-on demonstrations that transport you back in time.

I so value the Historical Foundation and its important mission to preserve our rich Texas history, beginning with the heroic actions taken by the Signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Soon we will share the Historical Foundation’s incredible plan to enhance the visitor experience at Washington on the Brazos so that children of all ages—from 1 to 100—come back often. We don’t want people to say “The last time I was at Washington on the Brazos was in 7th grade while studying Texas history.”

Consider becoming a partner in our mission to preserve Texas history, for generations to come. Find out more about the Historical Foundation here.

Please visit us soon, visit us often, and tell everyone you know about the place Where Texas Became Texas.

Cyndee Smith
President, Washington on the Brazos Historical Foundation

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