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Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site has projects, facilities and equipment needs each year beyond what its state funding is able to provide. This “wish list” will enable the staff to provide the excellent level of service and the extraordinary experience that visitors have come to expect from one of the state’s most revered sites.

Of course, all levels of support are appreciated. Donations can be designated toward a project; undesignated funds will go toward the most needed items first. Please use the memo line on your check to designate which item you would like your gift to be applied, if you want to donate to the wish list.

Donations should be made to Washington on the Brazos State Historical Foundation which has a 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS.

Send donations to:
Washington on the Brazos Historical Foundation
PO Box 1
Washington, Texas 77880

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For additional information please call 979.830.1824 or email: office@wheretexasbecametexas.org

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Washington on the Brazos Wish List

Improvements of Outdoor Facilities

  • New Playground in Picnic Area $15,000 – FUNDED!
  • Mechanical Lift for Independence Hall $8,000
  • Rail Fence $3,000
  • Texas Republic Flags (250) $1,000 – FUNDED!
  • Grills and Picnic Tables $1,000
  • Landscape $1,000
  • Bollards for Picnic Area $1,000

Enhancement of Visitor Center

  • Map Wall Exhibit $10,000
  • Storage Shelving $1,500
  • Chairs (35) $350
  • Steam Cleaner for carpeting $1,300

Site Improvements

Cedar Logs for Barrington Fencing $2,000
Authentic style perimeter fencing helps Barrington Plantation bring the past to life for over 13,000 school children each year.

Clearing & Improving Pasture $2,000
Heavy equipment rental is needed to develop much needed new pastures for our heritage breeds of cattle and horses.

Feed for Barrington Plantation Livestock $1,500
Oxen and heritage cattle require formulated feeds and hay to maintain health and demonstrate draft work.

Hog Feed (one year) $400
We exhibit a rare breed of hogs that was common during our 1850s time period.

Equipment for Education and Marketing Presentations

Laptop & Projector $2,000
Our old slide projector is no longer the standard for new presentations and learning programs.

Table Top Display $650
Marketing our programming and historic site is a necessity in today’s competition for leisure time.

Table Skirt $150
For the above marketing display.

Screen $200
A portable screen will help present the video programs for learning and marketing the site.

Program Support

  • Audio Tour of Washington on the Brazos $8,500
  • Restoration Maintenance of Fanthorp Stage $5,000
  • Supplemental funding for volunteers, demonstrations, events and services $1,200
  • Period Clothing for School Program-Fanthorp and Barrington ($500 each) $1,000
  • Reproduction 19th Century toys- Fanthorp $200
  • Star of the Republic Museum – Discovery Center Redesign: to create the complete “pioneer experience,” allowing children to immerse themselves in the role of a pioneer. $25,000 – FUNDED!
  • Reproduction objects for redesigned Discovery Center – Children will be involved in the pioneer experience by using or interacting with reproduction objects such as a milking cow, pots, pans and dishes, and pioneer clothing for dress up. $1000

Visitor Comfort/Safety

  • Defibrillators for Visitor Center, Barrington Plantation and Fanthorp Inn ($1,400 each) $4,200. Washington on the Brazos is a little over 30 minutes away from the local community EMS. With almost 200,000 visitors per year you see the need for this lifesaver. – FUNDED!
  • Wheelchair $250


Please make checks payable to:

Washington on the Brazos Historical Foundation
with the wish list item designated in the check memo space.

PO Box 1
Washington, Texas 77880

For additional information please call 979-830-1824 or email: office@wheretexasbecametexas.org