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September 29th


The Fearless Fifty-Nine, John Turner

John Turner was the 34 year old San Patricio representative. Turner studied law and taught school before moving to Texas in 1829. Once he became a part of the San Patricio area, he wrote letters on the colonists to Capt. Philip Dimmitt, Col. James Fannin and the General Council. He was appointed as a second judge and committee member to help organize a San Patricio militia in December 1835. He had been a subagent and advisor to John McMullen but they had a falling out when Turner and other citizens accused McMullen of having been elected by fraud over John W. Bower. Turner and Bower were then elected to the Convention. After the Convention, he joined the Texas army in East Texas to provide supplies and horses for Gen. Thomas J. Green’s brigade. He was a representative in Texas Congress for 16 days before being named the first chief justice of San Patricio County in October 1836. Apparently, Turner became disenchanted with economic prospects in San Patricio and moved to Houston around 1839. He died in Houston in August 1844.

The picture is an excerpt from “The Laws of Texas 1822-1897: Volume 1”