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Dec 8th and 9th


Day 15 of the Convention of 1836

On Day 15 of the Convention of 1836, everything changes for the Convention, the Delegates, and the citizens of Washington. While the day started auspiciously enough with the arrival of a newly recruited regular army company under Captain Henry Teal, it would end with grave news from the seat of war. Before that, however, the  Read more

Day 14 of the Convention of 1836

On Day 14 of the Convention of 1836, the Convention continues to grind out the rough constitution. The delegates do not know it yet, but they are very close to completing the business of the Convention. That, however, will not happen until other events sweep many of the petty political arguments away. An audit report  Read more

Day 13 of the Convention of 1836

The Convention carries on. By his comments, Gray is not impressed that the Convention continues to work on Sunday saying: “The Convention continued their business as usual, without regard to the day. Indeed I have seen little or no observance of the day in Texas. They are a most ungodly people.” Gray also notes that  Read more

Day 12 of the Convention of 1836

On Day 12 of the Convention of 1836, the convention discussed many things, but apparently not the constitution. According the Colonel Gray, “The Constitution has been gone over by sections, and much altered and amended; but it is still so imperfect that it has been recommitted to another committee to amend the phraseology and arrangement—as  Read more

Day 11 of the Convention of 1836

The Convention continues to work on the Constitution. A donation of $5000 was received from a Mr. Samuel St. John, which was received and thanked for by official act of the delegates. Delegate A.G. Briscoe (Harrisburg) arrived and was seated. Thomas Rusk (Nacogdoches) requested that the rule dictating the suspension of all business unrelated to  Read more

Day 10 of the Convention of 1836

On the 10th Day of the Convention of 1836, “the business of the Convention moves slowly” according to William F. Gray. A debate about what to do with Mexican Army prisoners taken during the preceding and upcoming chapters of the War was had and it was decided that commissioned officers and Chaplains would be confined  Read more

Day 9 of the Convention of 1836

On the 9th Day of the Convention of 1836, the first draft of a constitution for the Republic of Texas was presented to the general Convention. It consisted of a preamble and 10 sections: 6 Articles, a Schedule, a Declaration of Rights, General Provisions, and a section on Slavery. Here are some major points from  Read more

Day 8 of the Convention of 1836

On the 8th day of the Convention of 1846, the Convention discussed the transfer of power from the Provisional Government to the assembled Convention. Two letters arrived and were read into the record. The first was from James Robinson, former provisional Lieutenant Governor and acting Governor following the impeachment of provisional Governor Henry Smith. In  Read more

Day 7 of the Convention of 1836

On the 7th day of the Convention, the delegates focused on the crafting of a Bill that organized the militia for the Republic of Texas. A couple interesting things come up in the militia bill. First is that when the militia is needed, a lottery system would be enacted that calls up men between the  Read more

Day 6 of the Convention of 1836

Day 6 everything in Washington changes. Lt. Col. Travis’s letter of March 3rd arrived in the hands of Convention President Richard Ellis (Pecan Point) who called the Convention out of recess to read it into the record. The same day that Travis wrote the letter to the Convention he also wrote a letter to delegate  Read more

Day Five of the Convention of 1836

The Convention stands in recess. There is little record of what happened on March 5th in Washington other than what was reported by Colonel William Gray: “This evening two Mexican prisoners were brought here from Goliad, charged with improper communications with the enemy, and pointing out to them a place to build a bridge over  Read more

Day Four of the Convention of 1836

he Convention Delegates spent the day organizing several committees that would begin the work of organizing the new Republic in earnest. Several delegates whose credentials as delegates were in dispute were settled and seated, these being Samuel R. Fisher (Matagorda) and John W. Bower (San Patricio). Both men had disputes between them and another person  Read more

Day Three of the Convention of 1836

The Convention now settles in to the task set before it. Independence has been declared and the re-written Declaration is presented and signed by all delegates present. A committee was formed that effectively transferred governmental authority from Governor Smith, Lt. Governor Robinson, and the Council to the assembled Convention. There was a call for an  Read more

Day Two of the Convention of 1836

185 years ago today, the convention delegates reconvened to make one of the most significant declarations in world history, and THE most important in Texas history. This was the day that Texas declared her Independence. A new nation was formed on this day and the effects of this event would be felt for generations to  Read more

Day One of the Convention of 1836

185 years ago today, elected delegates from across the towns and municipalities of Texas convened in an unfinished structure at the center of Washington on the banks of the Brazos River. Washington was a rude town, made worse by the interminable weather that was plaguing Texas. That unique Texas meteorological phenomenon, a blue norther, blew  Read more