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March 1


Descendants of the Fearless Fifty-Nine, Jose Antonio Navarro

JOSE ANTONIO NAVARRO by Carol Cieszinski, 6th generation descendant

Hundreds even thousands of Navarro and Ruiz descendants not only live in San Antonio and other Texas Cities but in fact all around the world. Mr. Navarro is now noted in world history this way. In the insert for passports of persons who travel extensively there is on each page a quote by famous people and one such page quotes Jose Antonio Navarro. He is becoming more readily recognized for his contributions not only to Texas but also to all Americans in two ways. One is that he gave us the forerunner for the homestead act that saves everyone money on their home taxes each year and the other is that in his time in the legislature as a Senator of the Republic of Texas Republic, he fought for the changing in a bill of the wording to include all nationalities and to eliminate the words whites only. These are monumental deeds in themselves. His descendants are very proud of their beginning.

The photo was taken of some of just one branch of Navarro’s namely from Joe Celso Navarro grandson of Jose Antonio Navarro who’s father was Celso Cornelius Navarro.