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March 1


Descendants of the Fearless Fifty-Nine, Martin Parmer

“Descendants of the Fearless Fifty-Nine”

MARTIN PARMER by Ric Frost, 5X great-grandson

Western Water Law is a product of Martin Parmer’s legacy. Also known as a “Founding Father of Missouri”, he was very instrumental in Missouri obtaining statehood in 1821. His legal work and writings also have influences beyond the boundaries of that state. He authored a majority of the Bill of Rights and laws of Missouri language that are part of Kearny’s Code used on September 22, 1846 to establish and enforce the Water Laws of Prior Appropriation described in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo as a result of the Mexican American War of 1845. The laws were mostly verbatim from a copy of the Missouri statutes delivered by Private Hall, a Missouri attorney, with General Stephen W. Kearny, who was sent by President James K. Polk. To this day, all states west of the 100th meridian implement the Western Water Law of Prior Appropriation as put forth by Kearny’s Code based on Parmer’s Bill of Rights and laws of Missouri.

Photo of Ric Frost and his family.