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The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Charles Bellinger Stewart

Charles Bellinger Stewart was the 30 year old Austin representative. Stewart worked as a druggiest in Georgia and South Carolina, a trader in Cuba and a coffee merchant in New Orleans before moving to Texas in 1830 and opening up an apothecary shop in Brazoria. While living in Brazoria, he fought in the battle of Velasco, was appointed to the Subcommittee of Safety and Vigilance of the Brazoria District in 1832 and appointed secretary of the judicial district in 1834. After moving to San Felipe de Austin in 1835, he opened a drug store and obtained a license to practice medicine in Texas. Also in 1835, he was appointed by the General Council as enrollment clerk and secretary to the executive, becoming in effect the first Texas secretary of state. After the Convention, he moved to Montgomery where he established a medical practice and a drugstore. In 1839, he served on the committee to design a new state flag and is credited with drawing the original draft of the Lone Star Flag. He was appointed district attorney pro tem of Montgomery County in 1840 and notary public in 1841. He participated in the Convention of 1845. Stewart held positions as a representative in the Texas Legislature from 1846-1847, 1851-1852, 1874-1875.