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The Fearless Fifty-Nine, James B. Woods

James B. Woods was the 31 year old either Liberty or Harrisburg representative, records are conflicting. Woods was born in Kentucky in 1802. He moved to Texas in 1830. In 1834, he became the alcalde of the Liberty District. He also represented Liberty at the Consultation of 1835. After the Convention, he served in the Texas army from July to October 1836. He returned to his ranch in Liberty to resume earning a living as an attorney. In 1838, he lost a battle for house seat from Liberty with his brother-in-law Hugh B. Johnston. During the campaign, Johnston’s supports claimed that Woods was a close friend with Thomas D. Yocum, a famed outlaw. This was partially true as Woods did represent Yocum in several court proceedings. Tax rolls of 1838 report Woods as owning three slaves, two horses, forty cattle and half a league of land. He died in 1851.

The picture is a historical marker honoring Woods that was installed in front of the historic Ott Hotel in Liberty.