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The Fearless Fifty-Nine, William Bennett Scates

William Bennett Scates was the 34 year old Jefferson representative. Scates lived in Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana before arriving in Texas in 1831. He almost immediately got involved in fight for the Republic. He participated in the battle of Velasco and the siege of Bexar. During the Convention, Scates sat on the committee to devise a flag for the new Republic. After the Convention, he joined rejoined the Republic Army for the battle of San Jacinto as part of the company of Sabine Volunteers. After the Sabine company was disbanded, he joined the Nacogdoches Company. He settled in Washington County after the revolution and by 1840 had titled to 150 acres of land in Fayette County. At the age of 62, he enlisted as a private in the Texas State Troops during the Civil War. He was married twice and had 7 children. He died on February 22, 1882 at the age of 80.