Celebrate Texas Independence at "Independence Eve"

March 1


Fifth Capital, Velasco

Velasco became the fifth capital of Texas. Even though some of Stephen F. Austin’s colonists landed at the site, people did not really start arriving until Mexico set up a customs port there in 1831. A town was soon established and the port became known as the “Boston harbor of the Texas Revolution.” The battle of Velasco took place in 1832. It became the captial after the government left Galveston Island. The steamboat, the Yellowstone, picked up Burnet and the other cabinet members from Galveston and took them to the site of the San Jacinto battle. The boat then took the government, the captured Santa Anna and General Houston to Velasco on May 3. The Treaty of Velasco was signed on May 14. Government records were housed at Fort Velasco until the first capital of the official Texas government was established at Columbia.

The photo is an old photo of Velasco courtesy of www.freeport.tx.us.