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Jane Wilkinson Long

Jane Wilkinson Long was one of the first white women to arrive in Texas in 1819. By 1822 though, she was widowed and left as the sole supporter of her family. She struggled for years financially but in 1832 purchased an inn between San Felipe and Brazoria, an occupation seen as acceptable for women at the time. She hosted “participants on both sides of the conflict, which became a meeting place for new arrivals, as well as the unofficial headquarters of the interim government.” Arms and gunpowder were hidden on the property to be used by the rebellious colonists against the Mexican government. Several well-known leaders at the time such as Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin and William Barret Travis were guests. Travis even advised her on business and financial matters.

This information was taken from “Women and the Texas Revolution,” edited and chapter written by Mary L. Scheer.