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March 1


Letters between Houston and Captain Ross

On April 7, Santa Anna and his army arrive at a burned-out San Felipe. He then turned towards Harrisburg, the seat of the Texas government. Meanwhile, Houston was resting his men and waiting for supplies that never came. He moved his troops closer to the Brazos, into the canebreaks opposite Groce’s Landing. On Monday, April 11 Houston received a letter back from Captain Ross. “To Gen. Sam Houston, Sir I think the Cotton we have on board necessary to protect the Boat & Engine--if we have to pass the Enemy’s Cannon–I can transport 500 men with cotton enough to protect the boat from any damage from the Enemies fire–If you wish the cotton landed please instruct me– I can cross all the baggage without moving the cotton. I have four cords of wood on board & Everything ready to ‘go ahead.’ With respect, Jno E. Ross Comg Yl.Stone, Capt Ross. All things will do as you say they are until further orders.”

Below is a map of the location of both armies on April 7, 1836 courtesy of the Harris County Historical Comission.