Celebrate Texas Independence at "Independence Eve"

March 1


Path towards Galveston

Houston released the boat and it set off towards Galveston. Ross knew that part of the Mexican Army would be waiting for them regardless that he and his men were not Texas army volunteers. Because they had aided the Texan rebels, they were at risk. So, Ross stacked cotton bales high on the desk as a way to protect his boiler, engine and pilot house from potential Mexican fire. At Fort Bend, Ross guided the steamboat full speed ahead pass the Mexican army encampment. Soldiers fired at the ship but cotton bales absorbed the musket balls. Mexican horse soldiers even tried to lasso Yellow Stone’s chimneys. Ross and the Yellow Stone proceeded on the way without injury to Galveston. picking up refugees along the way.

The map below is Texas in 1836. It shows the Brazos river and what path Ross would have taken to get to the Gulf. The actual map can be found at http://www.glo.texas.gov/his…/archives/map-store/zoomer.cfm….