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Dec 8th and 9th


Sundown Social Auction: 180 Years and Countin

Peter1Designed and handcrafted by Peter Emerson are several items that are treasures to be passed on for generations. A copper platter depicting Independence Hall, the humble building where 180 years ago, 59 brave men signed the Texas Declaration of Independence and changed the course of history.  Hand carved in wood, this cutting board, celebrates that event, too.

Peter Emerson has a Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. He has studied art and jewelry making throughout the US, and exhibited his work for the Worship Company of Goldsmiths Exhibition in London, England. Peter has continued to study and teach at a lengthy list of university workshops on jewelry and design, watch making, sculpture, blacksmithing and 3D design. Emerson is constantly expanding his artistic talents into new endeavors including wood engraving, guitar making and fine watch design. The Peter Emerson Silversmith Gallery is open most weekends at 205 East Main Street, Brenham,Texas.Peter2