Celebrate Texas Independence at "Independence Eve"

March 1


Sundown Social Auction: Home on the Range

Pottery1Put a little touch of Texas in every corner of your home.  Featuring a hand thrown Pottery pitcher and glasses by Herb Baumgartner, a long time demonstrator for Washington on the Brazos.  Using native clay, Herb throws each piece on the potter’s wheel.  Some clays are dug from his farm in Ellis County and some from the banks of the Brazos River near Washington on the Brazos.  After shaping, refining, and drying the piece, he does a first (bisque) firing to harden and stabilize the clay.  Herb then combines minerals to make each unique glaze color.  He does a final glaze firing in a propane and/or wood fueled kiln, stoking it to approximately 2175 degrees.  Herb says every piece is a work from God….But now, O Lord, Thou art our Father; we are the clay; and Thou our Potter; and we all are the work of Thy hand.


A pewter platter with stars (of course), a granite Lazy Susan and wildflower coasters will adorn your table. The adorable, unique purse is hand made with a turtle shell, deer hide leather and glass crow beads. The hand crafted wooden spoon is carved from native Texas wood by J.D. Bolich.  Each spoon is hand carved one at a time using a variety of carving tools, then oiled with food safe mineral oil and pure beeswax.