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This beautifully handcrafted knife with antler handle has been engraved with the State of Texas Seal and the 180th anniversary of Texas to commemorate the State’s proud history.  A family legacy is born.

PortmanteauBlkThis very unique Portmanteau, also known as a Carriage Bag, is an 18th century suitcase. It is suited for an overnight journey where the traveler requires only a basic change of clothes. An art piece or a unique one-of-a-kind personal treasure, this sturdy piece will become a family heirloom. Take it on the plane or tie it to your saddle. 24″ long.  Includes a heavy leather should strap.  Beautifully handcrafted and hand stitched in Texas by JD Bolich.

Portmanteau or Carriage Bag an 18th Century Suitcase

The word portmanteau is actually one of those lovely words that means exactly what it says–it’s a combination of the French port, “carry,” and manteau, “cloak.”  This is essentially its function!  In general, the word just refers to a suitcase with a flap that buckles over the opening, but in a historical context it tends to be a little more specific. A portmanteau is a French 18th century suitcase, usually round or flat bottomed with a handle on one end and another on the top.

This fine example of a leather portmanteau is suited to an overnight journey where the traveler requires only a basic change of clothes and a few personal items.  Every gentleman or lady needs a case or bag for carrying clothing and other necessities when traveling. This version is beautifully handcrafted in Texas from heavy leather by Denise Campbell and JD Bolich.