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Texas State Musical Instrument – Guitar

The guitar was adopted as the Texas state musical instrument on June 19, 1997. It is said the guitar originated from Spain although the looks and string configuration would have been different from today’s modern versions. The legislature believes, “the adoption of a symbol touting the Lone Star State’s contributions to the world of music will fittingly commemorate this vital aspect of the state’s culture; and whereas, Texan preeminence in pop, blues, country and western, jazz, rock, and Tejano music is an apt expression of the state’s rich diversity, and these musical styles all make extensive use of the guitar; appropriately, many of the undisputed masters of this versatile instrument, including Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Willie Nelson, have hailed from Texas, and the guitar’s place in the state’s musical history is beyond question.”
There are even guitars with the Texas flag pattern on them.