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Dec 8th and 9th


Texas State Vehicle – Chuck Wagon

The Chuck Wagon was adopted as the Texas state vehicle on May 27, 2005. The chuck wagon gained its importance in the cattle drives that took place after the Civil War to the mid-1800s. According to the legislature, “In 1866, Texas rancher and Civil War veteran Charles Goodnight first used an army surplus Studebaker wagon on the trail drive; the Studebaker proved itself sturdy enough to withstand trail drives that could last up to five months; and Goodnight then designed and added a chuck box and a boot to the rear of his wagon; this innovation became the prototype for all future chuck wagons; the wagon’s box was used to carry the cowboys’ bedrolls, guns, personal effects, bulk food supplies, feed for the horses, and other supplies.” In 1997, the American Chuck Wagon Association was started. Members participate in Cook off competitions, demonstrations, catering, charity events, school visits and many other activities. Today there are members in 31 states, Canada, Germany and France with over 146 wagons registered with the association.

The picture is courtesy of Maroon Weekly.