Celebrate Texas Independence at "Independence Eve"

March 1


Third Capital, Harrisburg

Harrisburg was designated as the third capital of Texas. Harrisburg was established before 1825 on the survey of New York entrepreneur John Richardson Harris. Harrisburg was chosen as the new capital when on March 17 a report reached Washington on the Brazos that the Mexican cavalry had occupied Bastrop which was only 60 miles away. The newly created provisional government packed up and fled 70 miles to Harrisburg located on Buffalo Bayou. Harrisburg as the capital only lasted a few weeks though. Santa Anna arrived in Harrisburg on April 14 to find that Burnet and his government had already escaped the previous morning on a steamer. Two days later Santa Anna burned the entire town down except for the residence of John W. Moore.

The photo is a postcard of the John R. Harris House that was located in Harrisburg in 1836. This image is in the postcard collection at The Texas Collection at Baylor University.