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September 29th


The Fearless Fifty-Nine, James Gibson Swisher

James Gibson Swisher was the 41 year old Washington representative. Before coming to Texas, Swisher worked as a land surveyor in Tennessee. He also participated in the War of 1812 and in the two battles of New Orleans. He and his family settled in Robertson’s colony in 1834 and then Chriesman Settlement, what became Washington  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Charles Bellinger Stewart

Charles Bellinger Stewart was the 30 year old Austin representative. Stewart worked as a druggiest in Georgia and South Carolina, a trader in Cuba and a coffee merchant in New Orleans before moving to Texas in 1830 and opening up an apothecary shop in Brazoria. While living in Brazoria, he fought in the battle of  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Elijah Stapp

Elijah Stapp was the 53 year old Jackson representative. Stapp became interested in Texas when he encountered empresario Green DeWitt, who write a letter to Stephen F. Austin on Stapp’s behalf in 1826. After investigating the new land, he moved his wife and children from Missouri to settle in the colony in 1830. He quickly  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, George Washington Smyth

George Washington Smyth was the 33 year old Jasper representative. Smyth moved to Texas in 1828 against the wish of his parents. By 1830, he secured an appointment as a surveyor for Bevil’s Settlement. In 1834, he became surveyor for George A. Nixon, who had been recently named commissioner of the Zavala, Vehlein and Burnet  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, William Bennett Scates

William Bennett Scates was the 34 year old Jefferson representative. Scates lived in Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana before arriving in Texas in 1831. He almost immediately got involved in fight for the Republic. He participated in the battle of Velasco and the siege of Bexar. During the Convention, Scates sat on the committee to devise  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Thomas Jefferson Rusk

Thomas Jefferson Rusk was the 32 year old from Nacogdoches. Rusk started out as a lawyer in Georgia around 1825. He made sizable mining investments in the gold region of Georgia but in 1834, the managers of the company that he invested in had embezzled all the funds and fled to Texas. He pursed them  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Jose Francisco Ruiz

Jose Francisco Ruiz was the 54 year old Bexar representative. Ruiz, along with his nephew Navarro, were the only delegates born in Texas. In 1803, he was appointed San Antonio schoolmaster. The house that held the school was removed from its original location in Military Plaza in 1943 and reconstructed at the Witte Museum. Ruiz  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Sterling Clack Robertson

Sterling Clack Robertson was the 50 year old Milam representative. Robertson served as deputy quartermaster general under William Carroll in the battle of New Orleans from Nov. 1814 to May 1815. By 1816, he owned a plantation in Tennessee. He was one of seventy stockholders of the Texas Association in 1822 that asked for permission  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, John S. Roberts

John S. Roberts was the 40 year old Nacogdoches representative. At sixteen, Roberts participated in the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812. He moved to Louisiana soon after and in 1826 became a deputy sheriff of Natchitoches. That same year he served as a major in the Fredonian Rebellion. From 1827 to  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, James Power

James Power was the 48 year old Refugio representative. Power emigrated from Ireland in 1809. He was a merchant for twelve years in New Orleans before moving to Mexico in 1821. There he formed a partnership with James Hewetson. They created the Power and Hewetson colony, a colony along the Texas Coast with 200 Catholic  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Robert Potter

Robert Potter was the 36 year old Nacogdoches representative. Potter was in the United States Navy, a lawyer in North Carolina, in the North Carolina House of Commons and a Jacksonian Democrat in the US House of Representatives before coming to Texas. He served six months in prison in 1831 for maiming his wife’s cousin  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Sydney O. Penington

Sydney O. Penington was the 27 year old Shelby representative. Penington moved to Texas in 1834 where he engaged in surveying in Shelby County. At the beginning of the war, he enrolled in a company of volunteers for the Texas Army and was soon elected second lieutenant. He was honorably discharged from the army in  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Martin Parmer

Martin Parmer was the 58 year old San Augustine representative. Before coming to Texas, Parmer was active in Missouri where he served a two-year term in the Missouri General Assembly, served as a delegate to the Missouri Constitutional Convention and did a one year term in the Missouri State Senate. He also served in the  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Jose Antonio Baldomero

Jose Antonio Baldomero Navarro was the 41 year old Bexar representative. Navarro, along with his uncle, Jose Francisco Ruiz, were the only two delegates actually born in Texas. His friendship with Stephen F. Austin is what spiked his interest in Texas colonization. He was elected to both the Coahuila and Texas state legislature and to  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Junius William Mottley

Junius William Mottley was the 24 year old Goliad representative. Mottley came to Texas sometime between 1833 and 1835. He attended the medical college of Transylvania University in Kentucky but the college has no record of him receiving his degree. However, upon coming to Texas, he soon became the appointed surgeon at Goliad. After he  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, John W. Moore

John W. Moore was the 39 year old Harrisburg representative. After moving to Texas in 1830, Moore was elected as the comisario of San Jacinto in 1831. He was with his close friend William B. Travis when a company of volunteers under Travis forced the capitulation of Antonio Tenorio at Anahuac fort. During the earlier  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, William Menefee

William Menefee was the 40 year old Colorado representative. Before coming to Texas in 1830, Menefee served as a lawyer and lived in Tennessee and Alabama. By 1840, he had 1,300 acres of land and owned fifty cattle, four horses and seven slaves. Right before the Convention, he was elected the first judge of Colorado  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Michel Branamour Menard

Michel Branamour Menard was the 31 year old Liberty representative. Menard joined the fur trade at 15 in Detroit. He was illiterate until he worked with his uncle, Pierre Menard, the former lieutenant governor of Illinois. He became a resident trader to a band of Shawnees and was chosen as chief and moved with them  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Collin McKinney

Collin McKinney was the 70 year old Pecan Point and vicinity representative. In his early years, McKinney had to support his family while his father fought in the Revolutionary War. While living in Tennessee, he managed the estates of Senator George W. Campbell from 1818 to 1821 and operated a trading post. McKinney and many  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Samuel Augustus Maverick

Samuel Augustus Maverick was the 29 year old Bexar representative. In his early years, Maverick attended Yale University and became a lawyer in South Carolina. Upon arriving in San Antonio in 1835, he was put under house arrest by Mexico. Once released, he guided a division in the attack on Bexar. He left Texas after  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Edwin Oswald LeGrand

Edwin Oswald LeGrand was the 33 year old San Augustine representative. LeGrand received a land grant from the Mexican government in 1835 upon moving to Texas. He is said to have served at the siege of Bexar but there is no officially record of him doing so. At the Convention, he was appointed to the  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Albert Hamilton Latimer

Albert Hamilton Latimer was the 36 year old Pecan Point and vicinity representative. Latimer is said to have come to Texas in 1833 with a large caravan that included 11 of his brothers. He was not officially elected to the Convention but was one of the five delegates from Pecan Point. After the Convention, he  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, William Demetris Lacey

William Demetris Lacey was the 28 year old Colorado representative. Lacy was born in Amherst, Virginia, but spent most of his childhood at the Shaker religious community in South Union, Kentucky, where he eventually served as a tanner’s apprentice. In 1830, at the age of 21, he left Kentucky for Texas, settled near present-day Columbus  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Samuel Houston

Samuel Houston was the 43 year old Refugio representative. The most famous of the delegates, Houston played an integral role in Texas Independence. Before coming to Texas in 1832, he fought in the War of 1812, worked as a sub-Indian agent to the Cherokees, was elected attorney general of the District of Nashville, served as  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Augustine Blackburn Hardin

Augustine Blackburn Hardin was the 38 year old Liberty representative. Hardin was a deputy sheriff and constable in Maury County, Tennessee before coming to Texas. He moved to Texas in the fall of 1825 to escape prosecution after he fatally shot the man his wife was having an affair with. He was indicted for murder  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Bailey Hardeman

Bailey Hardeman was the 41 year old Matagorda representative. Hardeman had an active and prominent life in Tennessee before moving to Texas in 1835. He served as an artillery officer in the War of 1812 under his father’s friend Andrew Jackson. He was a store proprietor, deputy sheriff of Williamson County and lawyer. He was  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton was the 53 year old Pecan Point and vicinity representative. Hamilton immigrated with his six brothers to North Carolina from Scotland in 1807. In 1812, he and his brothers started a very successful commercial enterprise. However, in 1834 he withdrew from the business and moved to Texas. He was considered the wealthiest man  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Jesse Grimes

Jesse Grimes was the 48 year old Washington representative. After Grimes settled on Grimes Prairie in 1827, he was elected first lieutenant of the First Company, Battalion of Austin. He was also elected sindico procurador, the city attorney and regidor, an official in the town council in the Viesca precinct. Grimes continued his public service  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Benjamin Briggs Goodrich

Benjamin Briggs Goodrich was the 37 year old Washington representative. Before moving to Texas in 1834, Goodrich practiced medicine all over the South and served one term in the state legislature of Alabama. He purchased a lot in Washington in 1835 after moving with his brother, John Calvin Goodrich, the previous year. His brother later  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Thomas Jefferson Gazley

Thomas Jefferson Gazley was the 35 year old Mina representative. Gazley was a practicing physician before moving to Texas. Once he settled here in 1828, he applied for a license to practice medicine in San Felipe de Austin. He became a surgeon in Michael R. Goheen’s company in the Texas Army for a short time  Read more