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The Signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence

It was March 2, 1836 when 59 delegates from Mexico, Scotland, England, Ireland and 12 U.S. states bravely met in Washington, Texas to make a formal declaration of independence from Mexico. Elected as delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1836, these men determined the future of Texas and ultimately a very large portion of the United States.. Among them were 12 lawyers, five physicians, four surveyors and three planters, empresarios and merchants.

Register as a Descendant

Today, the Washington on the Brazos State Park Association and the Star of Republic Museum are dedicated to celebrating those 59 men by finding and honoring their Descendants with a multitude of programs and events. Many Descendants are now recorded in the Descendants Registry—the official register of the documented lin
eal descendants of the Signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Once your lineage has been documented, that information will be maintained by the Star of the Republic Museum in perpetuity. Your descendants will only have to prove their relationship to you to have their names listed.

If you are not sure you are a Descendant, we are happy to offer assistance. View the family trees put together by the Star of the Republic Museum. Learn more about the 59 signers bios or explore the namesake counties to research your relations. These links will take you to the Texas Independence website that was developed by the museum and park staffs. Register as a Descendant.

If you are a Descendant of one of the 59 signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836, we urge you to become a member of Washington on the Brazos State Park Association. The Park Association raises and spends thousands of dollars each year to facilitate programs, celebrations, and education at Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site and Fanthorp Inn Historic Site. This is a wonderful way to support the organization dedicated to perpetuating the memory of what your ancestor did at Old Washington. Join the Association.


If you are interested in purchasing Descendants merchandise. You can browse through our products–including t-shirts, tote bags and more at Descendants’ Souvenirs/Gift Shop.

Annual Meeting for Descendants

Texas Independence Day Celebration
March 4 & 5, 2017
Every year at the park’s two-day “Texas Independence Day Celebration,” we not only celebrate Texas independence, but also the signers’ families with family reunion-type activities for all Descendants. Over 1,500 Descendants attended this family-friendly reunion for the 175th anniversary. All attendees are eligible for free parking and events admittance, free shuttle and a lot of free entertainment and activities. Activities for Descendants in 2017 will include:

  • 2017 Descendants Reunion in the park’s Conference Center will be open throughout the weekend for Descendants to gather, socialize and take advantage of the resources available:
    • Shelby Rowan, the genealogist for the Star of the Republic Museum, will be present to assist the Descendants with registration in the official Descendants Registry.
    • Descendant merchandise will be available.
    • Sons of the Republic of Texas and Daughters of the Republic of Texas membership information.
    • Washington on the Brazos State Park Association membership information.
  • Roll Call of the names of the Signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence where Descendants can answer “HERE” (stand and cheer) for their ancestor when his name is called
  • For a minimal fee, museum staff will prepare a printed genealogical chart of your family back to your signer ancestor.
  • Private reception at Star of the Republic Museum for the opening of the museum’s new exhibit “Heirloom Genealogy: Tracing your Family Treasures”
  • Annual Descendants Dance and much more….