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September 29th


The Fearless Fifty-Nine, James Gaines

James Gaines was the 69 year old Sabine representative. Gaines had a very active life before the Convention. He ran the El Camino Real ferry starting in 1819 that brought colonists across the U.S. to Texas. He served as alcalde for the Sabine District of the Municipality for Nacogdoches in 1824, sheriff in Nacogdoches in  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Samuel R. Fisher

Samuel R. Fisher was the 41 year old Matagorda representative. Fisher was nominated by Sam Houston and approved by the Senate as secretary of the Texas Navy after the Convention on October 28, 1836. However, Houston later accused Fisher of abuse of office, insubordination, use of his position for smuggling, and the unjust capture of  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, John Fisher

John Fisher was the 36 year old Gonzales representative. Prior being elected to the Convention, Fisher served as a secretary of the committee of safety for Gonzales Municipality. After the Convention, he joined the Runaway Scrape. In 1837, he petitioned Sam Houston for an appointment as a notary public for the port of Velasco but  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Stephen Hendrickson Everitt

Stephen Hendrickson Everitt was the 29 year old Jasper representative. In the span of his lifetime, Everitt was considered a politician, merchant, speculator and even called a doctor although he was not a practicing physician. As a politician, he served as a Senator in the Texas Congress from 1836 to 1840. As a speculator, he  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis was the 54 year old Pecan Point and vicinity representative. Ellis was a lawyer and then a judge on the Alabama Supreme Court before moving to Texas. He originally came to Texas just to collect a debt in 1826 but met Stephen F. Austin. In 1834, he moved his family and more than  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, William Carroll Crawford

William Carroll Crawford was the 31 year old Shelby representative. Crawford was a tailor’s apprentice and a Methodist minister before moving to Texas in 1835. After signing the declaration, he became postmaster of Shelbyville from 1843 to 1859 and treasurer of Shelby County for a year in 1844. In 1874, he moved his family to  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Edward Conrad

Edward Conrad was the 26 year old Refugio representative. Upon moving to Texas in December 1835, Conrad was made second lieutenant of the United States Independent Volunteer Cavalry. During the Convention, he represented the soldiers and was on the committee that drafted the constitution. However, he left the Convention early to join the Texas Army  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, James Collinsworth

James Collinsworth was the 30 year old Brazoria representative. Collinsworth was a lawyer in Tennessee before moving to Matagorda in 1835 where he continued practicing law. Besides physically signing the Declaration, he introduced and guided to adoption a resolution making Sam Houston commander in chief of the Texas army, became chairman of the military affairs  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Robert M. Coleman

Robert M. Coleman was the 37 year old Mina representative. In the summer of 1835 Coleman commanded a volunteer company organized to attack the Twakoni Indians and in the fall of 1835 he commanded the Mina Volunteers. After the Convention, he joined the Texas Army at the battle of San Jacinto and was aide-de-camp to  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, William Clark

William Clark was the 37 year old Sabine representative. Clark moved to Sabine in 1835 from Georgia where he was a wealthy merchant and farmer. After the Convention, he helped President Burnet formulate a system of collecting and forwarding supplies to the army. He also served as a member of the Board of Land Commissioners  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, George Campbell Childress

George Campbell Childress was the 32 year old Milam representative. Childress was elected to the convention along with his uncle Sterling C. Robertson after moving to Robertson’s colony in January of 1836. He served as chairman of the committee and called the convention to order. The man is considered to be the primary author of  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Samuel Price Carson

Samuel Price Carson was the 38 year old Pecan Point and vicinity representative. Carson led a very active political life before the Convention. He was in the North Carolina State Senate from 1822-1824 and 1834, a representative in the US Congress from 1825-1833 and a delegate to the North Carolina Constitutional Convention in 1835. He  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Mathew Caldwell

Mathew Caldwell was the 38 year old Gonzales representative. Caldwell has been called “the Paul Revere of the Texas revolution” after he rode from Gonzales to Bastrop to call men to arms before the Battle of Gonzales. After signing the Declaration, the delegates sent him out to assess the situation of the Texas Army and  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, John Smith Davenport Byrom

John Smith Davenport Byrom was the 38 year old Brazoria representative. Bryom participated in what some consider the first case of bloodshed in the Texas and Mexico conflict and prelude to the Revolution, the Battle of Velasco in 1832. After Velasco, he was appointed as one of the three commissioners to organize the militia in  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, John Wheeler Bunton

John Wheeler Bunton was the 29 year old Mina representative. After moving to Mina (Bastrop), Bunton was elected secretary of the local committee of safety in 1835 which were organized for protection against the Indians. He was a part of the Mina Volunteers that participated in the siege of Bexar and the battle of San  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Andrew Briscoe

Andrew Briscoe was the 25 year old Harrisburg representative. Active in the military, Briscoe was the Caption of the Liberty Volunteers at the Battle of Concepcion and Caption of Company A, Infantry Regulars in the battle of San Jacinto. He actually had to leave the Convention early to fight at San Jacinto. After his service,  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Asa Brigham

Asa Brigham was the 46 year old Brazoria representative. Brigham was a staple in Brazoria where at some point or another he was the treasurer, on the board of health, kept a ferry with a mercantile business, a stockholder in the railroad, a land owner where he raised livestock and helped establish the Masonic lodge.  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, John White Bower

John White Bower was the 27 year old San Patricio representative. Prior to the convention, Bower operated a ferry on the San Antonio River opposite Carlos Rancho. His most important role though was as a spy for Fannin’s spy system during the Goliad campaign. Bower’s information about Goliad influenced Fannin to abandon his plans to  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Stephen William Blount

Stephen William Blount was the 28 year old San Augustine representative. Blount had quite a productive career in San Augustine after the Convention. He became the first county clerk and served as postmaster from 1846-1849. Active in military life as well, he founded the Texas Veterans Association, made up of veterans of the Republic of  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Thomas Barnett

Thomas Barnett was the 38 year old Austin representative. The farmer, along with his wife and six children, were some of Austin’s Old Three Hundred, the settlers who purchased land from Stephen F. Austin and made up a colony of the first approved influx of Anglo-Americans to come to Texas. Prior to the convention, Thomas  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, George Washington Barnett

George Washington Barnett was the 43 year old Washington representative. Barnett was a practicing physician near Brenham when he was elected to the Convention. Along with his physician status, he was a part of several military companies and participated in the siege and capture of Bexar in 1835. After the convention, Barnett became a senator  Read more

The Fearless Fifty-Nine, Jesse B. Badget

First up is Jesse B. Badget, the 29 year old Bexar representative. Badget was elected to the Convention by the Texas Army, whom he served with at the Alamo under Travis’s command prior to the convention. The native North Carolinian moved to Arkansas after contributing his signature. He wrote an account of the Convention and  Read more

Sundown Social Auction: Treenware

These exquisite, one of a kind, wooden, hand crafted spoons are unique like no others.  One set is made of mesquite and the other of pecan. Both are  adorned with Texas Ranger Stars. JD Bolich is a wood craftsman or ‘Bodger’ residing in Benchley, Texas with more than 45 years of experience.  He custom handcrafts  Read more

Sundown Social Auction: The Spirit of Texas

The lavishly appointed clubhouse at Miramont in Bryan is known as one of the grandest in the country.  The golf is one of the top 10 courses in Texas, providing challenges for amateurs and pros alike.  Your party of 4 will enjoy one round of golf with two golf carts, followed by dinner at the  Read more

Sundown Social Auction: An Evening at Lott’s Tavern

Discover how Texas History stays alive and well at Washington on the Brazos with a behind the scenes tour of very special Star of the Republic Museum including the new Pioneer Playroom. Then stroll down the country lane for an evening at Lott’s Tavern in Old Washington during the 1850’s. There you will enjoy a candlelight  Read more

Sundown Social Auction: Taking on the Texans

With  two (2)  tickets to a pre-season on the Club Level  and a parking pass to the red lot you will cheer on the Texans and marvel as the Big Boy,  JJ Watt works his magic on defense.  Date to be determined when schedule is released.  Enjoy the win with a meal with a $75  Read more

Sundown Social Auction: A Texas Beauty

Show your Texas pride with these unique glass necklaces.  In addition to the present day Texas flag, the other is the Dodson flag. The Dodson flag was flown over Washington on the Brazos during the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence.  Both are handmade using a Fuseworks kiln. Handmade especially for you by Melissa  Read more

Sundown Social Auction: Home on the Range

Put a little touch of Texas in every corner of your home.  Featuring a hand thrown Pottery pitcher and glasses by Herb Baumgartner, a long time demonstrator for Washington on the Brazos.  Using native clay, Herb throws each piece on the potter’s wheel.  Some clays are dug from his farm in Ellis County and some  Read more

Sundown Social Auction: Hullaballo in Aggieland

Join the faithful at the newly renovated Kyle Field to see the Fightin’ Texas Aggies to see Kevin Sumlin’s Fightin’ Texas Aggies start the 2016 season with Sooner import Trevor Knight in action as QB. Christian Kirk, Myles Garrett and Speedy Noil are on track to deliver a stellar season. Texas A&M vs Prairie View  Read more

Sundown Social Auction: 1844 Barrington Birthday

Give your child the most unique Birthday Party of their young life! Ten children will begin with play time at Barrington Farm, the living history farm at Washington on the Brazos. The kids will play games from the 1800’s and make toys of the time period such as corn husker dolls and clay marbles. They  Read more